Master Classe "Danse contemporaine Mutilated Body" //

17 octobre 2018, Cité Des Arts

Master Classe "Danse contemporaine Mutilated Body"
dans le cadre du festival Danse Péi
- pour danseurs confirmés

Par Breno Caetano ( Brésil/ Belgique )
Il a travaillé avec Ohad Naharin (Batsheva dance compagnie)
Philippe Decoufle, Dominique Mercy (Pina Bausch), Yann Marussich
Actuellement il collabore avec Yann Lheureux

Jeudi 25 octobre 2018 à la Cité des Arts de Saint-Denis
9h > 13h


Inscriptions et renseignements :
0692066645 /

"The workshop is a way to confront to the other bodies, letting ourselves be contaminated by others experiences, to elaborate and share reflections, supporting the principles of rituals, trance, struggles, fears, and pains. One of the precious points in this workshop will be the time it will take us to discover things. Often in dance courses we are asked or demanded to quickly produce answers and results. What if we leave space for questioning ? Generate unstable moments ? From there we give space to listen to what to do instead of saying what to do, taking a first step out of comfort zones and habits. The idea of this workshop is not about inventions but about discoveries. Here the census of discovery provokes in people something that goes beyond family boundaries, crossing new sections in the movement. Even if these discoveries are small, over time there will be many." Breno Caetano